The leading present-day expert on “manic depression” (Kay Redfield Jamison) has estimated that roughly 60-percent of all alcoholics or problem drinkers are manic depressives and 60 percent of all manic depressives are alcoholic or problem-drinkers. Even if that were only an estimate for effect, there would still be millions of both. This website is located for conversation at the intersection of the two: alcohol and bipolar.

Alcohol – Bipolar – Conversation or  A.B.C.

 About the author: Jane S.

The author has been under treatment through Lithium Carbonate therapy longer than any other individual in the United States, forty-five years in [this] July, having been diagnosed and prescribed for by Dr. Carlos A. Zerate, father of the present N.I.M.H. Director. She has been a student of her illness since her diagnosis. She is also, as the use of her last initial rather than her last name indicates, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, sober since October 5, 1970. In the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous, she has served twice as a District Committeewoman in Eastern Pennsylvania, a Member of a Trustees’ Committee at A. A. World Services in New York, and a frequent speaker at A.A. functions, including the 2000 International Convention in Minneapolis.


About The Book – My Bipolar Life by Jane S.

The book, My Bipolar Life, opens with the story of Jane S.’s life from her father’s death when she was twelve, up through her recognition of her alcoholism when she was twenty-nine, her getting sober then – and then her hospitalization, her diagnosis as manic depressive and initiation of Lithium therapy when she was thirty-one.  The second part of the book discusses the nature of the bipolar condition and its treatments, with particular reference to her case, and with some attention to mind-cure, prayer, big-dreams, even Virtual Reality, White Dreams, and some “special cerebral events” (varieties of religious experience). The third part discusses   treatment for the alcoholism and for the manic depression, and how each has affected the other over the years. Alcoholics may recognize why this final section is called “A Chapter for Dr. Silkworth.”

Other published books by Jane S.

Jane S. has published Q & A: Alcoholism and Sobriety, modeled on some of the alcoholism books of Mrs. Marty Mann fifty years ago – whom she knew.